Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) is one of the world’s greatest wrestling brands. It has had a difficult time coming over a lot of problems. Finally, nowadays it is becoming more widespread due to the hard work of its owner Vince McMahon.



It is manifest that ECW wrestling is ascending the wrestling stepladder quite fast due to the current divas of ECW wrestling and immaculately suicidal Sabu’s stunts. Increasing number of staunch and steadfast fans and commitment of the ECW extreme championship wrestling owner prove that very soon ECW will be the type of wrestling worth being proud of.

Vince McMahon Arrangements for ECW:

Besides, Vince McMahon keeps making all sincere efforts to advance ECW wrestling. What did he do? He arranged Extreme Championship Wrestling one night stand show to advertise ECW superstars including ECW girls and wrestlers. Thus, fans find it cool to wear logo Shirts of ECW and the other ECW wrestlers’ outfit.

Topmost chanteuses of ECW wrestling are Ariel, Brooke, Kelly, Layla, Rebecca, Trinity that are famous for their posing in Playboy and lots of ESW and non-ESW products commercials. Nowadays you will easily find numerous wallpapers and videos of ECW extreme championship wrestling divas within the Internet. As a matter of fact these wrestling goddess are becoming very popular, and consequently lots of articles about ECW girls are now available in the Internet.

ECW Extreme Championship Wrestling, Best ESW Competitor:

If you are a great ECW wrestling lover, take advantage to find out much news about the old and new superb wrestlers. Hurry up to browse this website, and you will get assured that Sabu is a universal wrestling star not only within the ECW wrestling, but also throughout the WWE. Being the most dreadful, frightful, and hazardous competitors, Sabu has gained his worldwide recognition due to his really adventurous stunts. None can feel content with the oncoming match if Sabu is his competitor, as this truly dangerous ECW extreme championship wrestling fighter is used to winning all the fights.

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