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Freestyle Wrestling

Freestyle Wrestling

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Firstly, when watching entertaining freestyle wrestling matches you are to pay attention to the differences between the freestyle and common wrestling contests. Two fundamental kinds of amateur wrestling are commonly played all over the world: freestyle and Greco-Roman. Fan wrestling is extremely popular within the USA colleges and universities. Thousands of freestyle wrestling matches are held annually, thus, allowing spectators to have unforgettable and impressive time watching two severe competitors in the roped-off ring.

Freestyle Wrestling Singles, Freestyle Wrestling Moves

The rules of freestyle wrestling allow a wrestler to utilize his entire body in the contest. Compared to the Greco-Roman style, it permits a lot of holds below the waist, and the use of the legs are allowed as well. In the 1990s, the USA was known to be the leading freestyle wrestling nation in the world, for instance it won it’s first-ever team title during the 1993 Freestyle World Championships.

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Using the wide range of holds and techniques, the wrestlers strive to force the shoulders of the competitor against a mat. As a result, by utilizing all necessary freestyle wrestling moves this wrestler scores a fall and becomes a winner.

Freestyle Wrestling Singles

Freestyle Wrestling Singles

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