Turkey is famous all over the world not only for its yummy Turkish delights and healthy Turkish baths, but also for the very popular kind of sport called oil or grease wrestling (Yagli Güres).

Male Oil Wrestling, Boys Oil Wrestling

Male Oil Wrestling, Boys Oil Wrestling

All over the Turkish Republic exactly this entertaining national sport is considered to be the oldest one, and it is a constantly running sport competition in the world. Men oil wrestling became known in 1362, and since that year men of all ages have been meeting together and drenching themselves with oil to have severe fights in the ring.

As usual, these quite pleasurable and satisfying male oil wrestling matches are held in the ring calling the attention of thousands spectators. The wrestlers’ outfit is worth paying special attention, as it differs from the normal wrestling dress.

The tough oil wrestlers (pehlivan – meaning “champion”) should be dressed in hand-stitched leather shorts (kisbet), which are quite often worn with suspenders. These leather shorts are usually made out of water buffalo hides, but nowadays they are made with calf leather.

Wrestling Oil, Turkish Oil Wrestling Video Free

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When taking part in oil wrestling, a wrestler needs to have more skills and strength in comparison with the rest wrestling competitions because of the use of olive oil. A thrilling and moving 3-day event finishes in celebrating the victory of the new wrestling oil masters.

You will find numerous instructive reviews in our website about the specific rules of boys oil wrestling tournaments that are somehow different from the other wrestling contests. Wonder how? The men oil wrestling fight is won in case one of the opponents achieves a successful hold on the kisbet, whereas the other competitor strives to have a hold over his “enemy” by putting his arms through his kisbet. This captivating and appealing, but winning move is known as “paca kazik”.

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