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Mastering the Best Wrestling Moves: A Comprehensive Guide for Wrestlers

Wrestling, one of humanity’s oldest sports, tests strength, ability, and strategy. Athletes must use various methods to defeat their opponents and gain success. While physical force can benefit, serious wrestlers must know the best moves. This comprehensive tutorial will look at some of the most influential and fundamental wrestling maneuvers that can help aspiring wrestlers improve their game.

The One-Legged Takedown

Every wrestler should be able to perform the single-leg takedown. Shooting in on one of your opponent’s legs and lifting it off the ground while driving them backward to the mat is how it works. Perfect time, balance, and technique are required for the proper execution of this move.

Begin by stepping forward with one leg while dropping your level and gripping the back of your opponent’s knee with both hands to complete the single-leg takedown. Drive your shoulder into their leg to generate forward motion and raise the leg off the ground, pushing them backward simultaneously. Finish the takedown by driving them to the mat while remaining in control.

The Takedown with Two Legs

Another critical move in a wrestler’s arsenal is the double-leg takedown. It entails firing in on your opponent’s legs and knocking them to the ground. The double-leg takedown is a decisive move requiring speed, force, and accuracy.

Lower your level and leap toward your opponent to complete the double-leg takedown. Drive through both legs, one arm around each leg, lifting and lowering them to the mat. Maintain control and keep your head up during the takedown.

The Takedown of the High Crotch

Wrestlers can attack their opponent’s upper body while maintaining leg control with the high crotch takedown. This maneuver works well against opponents with a strong defense against single or double-leg takedowns.

Step to your opponent’s side and reach for the back of their knee with one hand to execute the high crotch takedown. Control their opposite arm with your other hand. Reduce your level and drive forward, raising your leg off the ground and lowering them to the mat while keeping control of your arm.

The Pick of the Ankle

The Pick of the Ankle

The ankle pick is a deceptively simple yet effective play that can catch opponents off guard. It entails grasping your opponent’s ankle and sweeping their other leg out from under them, causing them to fall to the mat.

To use the ankle pick:

  1. Pretend to shoot one of your opponent’s legs to divert their attention below.
  2. Please quickly switch to the other leg, reach down, and grip their ankle.
  3. While pulling on their ankle, use your other hand to sweep their other leg down to the mat.

The Firefighters Carry

The Fireman’s Carry is a dynamic move that necessitates speed and accuracy. It entails hoisting your opponent onto your shoulders and then turning and directing them over your back to the mat.

Grab your opponent’s wrist with one hand and put your other arm around their waist to perform the Fireman’s Carry. Lift them onto your shoulders and swivel your body to guide them down to the mat over your back.

The Squeeze

The headlock is a traditional move that can be performed from various positions. It entails exerting pressure on your opponent’s head and neck to limit their movements and build up a pinning situation.

Wrap one arm around your opponent’s head and exert pressure on their neck to perform the headlock. Clamp your hands together or grip your wrist to secure the headlock. Take care not to expose yourself to a counterattack.

The Arm Dragging

Wrestlers can use the arm drag to divert their opponent’s movements and attain an advantageous position. It entails immediately snatching your opponent’s arm and moving to their side or back.

Reach across your opponent’s body and grab their wrist to do the arm drag. Control their opposing shoulder or associate with your other hand. Pull their arm across their body, immediately move to the side or back of their body, and take command of the situation.

The Devastation

The sprawl is a defensive motion used to counter an opponent’s shot and prevent a takedown. It entails rapidly spreading your legs backward and sinking your hips to gain distance and escape being taken down.

When you sense your opponent coming in for a takedown, put one foot back and drop your hips to the mat while pushing your head down. Maintain your weight on their back and use your hands to control their head and neck to prevent them from moving forward.

Granby’s Roll

The Granby Roll is used to get out of the bottom position and turn the scenario around in your favor. It entails rolling over your opponent’s shoulder and using your momentum to come up and establish control.

To perform the Granby Roll, tuck your head and shoulders and roll over your back in the bottom position. Make use of your momentum to get to your feet or to get control of your opponent from behind.


Wrestling is a sport that requires physical strength, mental toughness, and technical expertise. Learning the finest wrestling moves is essential for every wrestler who wants to flourish on the mat. This comprehensive guide’s maneuvers provide an excellent basis for any aspiring wrestler to build on.

However, remember that wrestling is a continually evolving sport with several variations and methods that may be learned and added to your repertoire. Dedication, practice, and a willingness to learn from instructors, mentors, and fellow athletes will be essential in developing into a strong wrestler.

So, take these essential wrestling movements, constantly practice them, and continue to broaden your knowledge of the sport. You will find yourself sharpening your talents and executing these maneuvers accurately and gracefully as you progress and acquire experience. Remember that wrestling is about more than your skills; it’s about your passion, discipline, and commitment. “Good luck wrestling!”

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