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Top 10 Techniques to Dominate Women’s Extreme Wrestling

Athletes in women’s extreme wrestling have become increasingly skilled, determined, and athletic in recent years, which has led to a massive increase in popularity. This exciting sport, which incorporates aspects from numerous combat sports and adds its flair, calls for a distinctive set of tactics and strategies. We’ll look at the top ten designs in this article to help you win in women’s extreme wrestling. These methods will improve your performance and let you climb the competitive ladder, regardless of your wrestling experience.

Suitable Conditioning

Extreme wrestling involves tremendous strength, endurance, and agility and is a physically taxing sport. It’s imperative to keep up a strict conditioning routine if you want to dominate in this sport. To ensure you’re in top physical shape, concentrate on workouts for cardiovascular fitness, strength training, and flexibility.

Getting the Hang of It

It’s imperative to grasp the fundamentals of wrestling before moving on to more complex techniques. It covers posture, gait, and fundamental holds like the headlock and armbar. A firm grasp of these principles will give you a stable, expanding platform.


In wrestling, takedowns are a fundamental move. Picking your opponent to the mat controllably can be a game-changer in women’s extreme wrestling. To obtain the upper hand, learn different takedowns, such as the single-leg takedown, double-leg takedown, and hip toss.


A crucial aspect of women’s extreme wrestling is submissions. By forcing your opponent to tap out, submission holds like the triangle choke, armbar, and guillotine choke can help you win fights. When applying recommendations, pay attention to detail and proficiency.

Extreme Wrestling

Flying Manoeuvres

The high-flying acrobatics in Extreme Wrestling are one of its most thrilling features. Improve your abilities in motions such as the top-rope splash, hurricanrana, and moonsault. Using these aerial manoeuvres, you can surprise your opponent and swing the balance of power in your favour.

Ground Warfare

Many Women’s Extreme Wrestling matches are decided on the ground during the ground game. For the best chance of being in control when the action hits the mat, practice your ground control, escapes, and reversals. You may exert control over your opponent and prevent being pinned by learning how to use your body weight efficiently.

Strategy and Psychology

Wrestling is a mental game in addition to a physical one. Create a plan of attack for every match and research your rivals’ weak points. Make your opponent doubt their skills by using psychology to freak them out. It will give you more opportunity to attack.

Endurance and Tenacity

Women’s Extreme Wrestling battles can be physically demanding and drag on for a while. Stamina and endurance building are essential to maintain top performance throughout a match. Add long-distance running and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to your workout regimen.

Ring Sensitivity

It’s crucial to be familiar with the layout of the ring. Be mindful of where you stand and use the ropes well. It can be easier to avoid getting cornered and more successful to use high-impact moves if you know where you are in the ring.


There are no identical matches, and opponents’ styles and skill levels might differ substantially. Women’s Extreme Wrestling requires flexibility if you want to succeed. Be ready to change your plan of attack quickly and take advantage of your adversary’s weaknesses when they emerge.


Women’s Extreme Wrestling is an exciting and physically taxing sport calling for commitment, talent, and command of several styles. Focus on good conditioning, learning the fundamentals, and perfecting your takedown, submission, high-flying move, and ground control skills to excel in this competitive environment. Build endurance, a good mental game, and flexibility in the ring. You’ll be well on your way to dominating Women’s Extreme Wrestling and imprinting on the sport’s history if you master these top 10 techniques.

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