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Top 10 Wrestling Impact Techniques That Will Amaze You

Wrestling, a dynamic display of strength, agility, and skill, has its roots in ancient history and civilizations from around the world. While wrestling aims to pin your opponent to the mat or score points, the jaw-dropping impact moves captivate spectators and wrestlers alike. This post will explore the top 10 wrestling impact techniques that will leave you in awe of this intense and exhilarating sport.

1. Initial Suplex Variations

Professional wrestling is renowned for its frequent use of spectacularly executed suplexes. Two standard techniques involve lifting your opponent off the ground and slamming them onto their back. Notable suplex variations include the German Suplex, where the wrestler bridges backward while holding onto their opponent, and the Exploder Suplex. This powerful throw sends opponents soaring through the air.

2. Power Bombs

Seeing a powerbomb in the wrestling ring is nothing short of amazing. These moves showcase a wrestler’s strength as they lift their opponent onto their shoulders and crash them back-first onto the mat. The Sit-Out Powerbomb and the Last Ride Powerbomb are spine-tingling variations, displaying the performers’ raw power.

3. Dramatic Dream Team (DDT)

Although not initially considered a high-impact maneuver, DDT has evolved into a lethal technique. Wrestlers like Jake “The Snake” Roberts popularized this move, where they drop their opponent headfirst to the mat, creating a dramatic and memorable moment in the contest.

4. Shooting Star Press and Moonsaults

Modern wrestling has gained a reputation for its use of aerial moves. The Moonsault and Shooting Star Press involve wrestlers propelling themselves from the top turnbuckle, somersaulting through the air, and then landing on their opponent. Executing these feats without injury requires remarkable timing and precision.

5. Piledrivers

The classic wrestling move, a “piledriver,” entails lifting the opponent upside down and driving their head into the mat. The Tombstone Piledriver, famously performed by The Undertaker, remains one of the most recognizable and jaw-dropping moves in wrestling history, despite certain variations being banned due to safety concerns.

Power Slams

6. Power Slams

Power slams are a testament to a wrestler’s immense strength. This maneuver lifts an opponent and slams forcefully against the canvas. Variations like the Spinebuster and Dominator are renowned for their powerful impact and ability to change the momentum of a match.

7. Hurricanrana

Wrestlers use The Hurricanrana technique to showcase their quickness and acrobatic skills. It involves encircling the opponent’s neck with one’s legs, flipping them over, and often leading to a surprising reversal or aerial strike. Rey Mysterio is famous for his lightning-fast Hurricanes that seem to defy the laws of physics.

8. Falcon Arrow

The Falcon Arrow combines a sit-out slam with a suplex. The wrestler lifts their opponent into the air, sits out, and drives their opponent’s back onto the mat. This movie is a fan favorite due to its flawless execution and dramatic impact.

9. Swanton Bomb

Jeff Hardy is known for his signature move, the Swanton Bomb, renowned for its high risk and reward. Hardy ascends the turnbuckle, flips backward midair, and lands on his opponent’s stomach. Audiences often find themselves holding their breath until the maneuver’s impact.

10. Canadian Destroyer

The Canadian Destroyer is a daring and captivating maneuver that defies the laws of physics. In this move, the wrestler flips over their opponent while simultaneously seizing their head and hurling them headfirst to the mat. Executing this maneuver requires exceptional coordination due to its complexity and significance.


Impact techniques are the beating heart and soul of this thrilling sport. These moves showcase professional wrestlers’ athleticism, strength, and skill, leaving audiences in awe and cheering for more. Wrestling impact techniques, including bone-crushing powerbombs and gravity-defying Moonsaults, continue to evolve and push the boundaries of what is physically possible in the ring. Keep an eye out for these top 10 moves the next time you watch a wrestling match, and prepare to be amazed and entertained.

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