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Top 5 Strategies for Elevating AEW Female Wrestling

Professional wrestling’s most prominent player has quickly become All Elite Wrestling (AEW). AEW’s dedication to raising and supporting female wrestling distinguishes it from its rivals. The AEW can change the face of women’s wrestling because of its expanding roster of elite female athletes. In this post, we’ll look at the top 5 tactics that AEW can use to advance its women’s wrestling section.

Create storylines

Creating engaging storylines is crucial to creating a successful wrestling division, regardless of gender. The main goal for AEW should be to write complex and exciting stories for their female wrestlers. Clearly defined characters, interpersonal conflicts, and audience involvement are examples of this.

Examples of rivalries showing the potential of AEW’s female division are those between Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker and Hikaru Shida and Nyla Rose. AEW can keep viewers interested and emotionally committed in the women’s matches by continuing to invest in such tales.

Display Diversity and Inclusivity

In displaying a broad pool of female talent, including wrestlers from different backgrounds and nations, AEW has already made progress. However, they can go even further by championing diversity and inclusivity in the plot and the cast.

A bigger audience can be attracted to AEW, and all wrestling fans can find representation by embracing varied viewpoints and storylines. By making the women’s division more approachable and enjoyable to a broader spectrum of spectators, this tactic can improve the women’s division.

Equal opportunities

The development of women’s wrestling in the AEW depends on gender equality. The AEW should ensure that female wrestlers receive the same opportunities as their male counterparts to elevate the division. It covers equal screen time, championship opportunities, and primary event contests.

By giving women’s wrestling similar importance, AEW communicates to talent and viewers that women wrestlers are equally capable and deserving of attention as their male counterparts.

Cultivate local talent

Cultivate local talent

While AEW has recruited a few well-known female wrestlers, they should also concentrate on nurturing their local talent. Future female wrestling stars who can lead the division for years can be fostered by AEW by investing in training programs and scouting new talent.

Women wrestlers may also improve their abilities, adjust to the AEW style, and smoothly transition to the main roster when perfect by supporting a robust developmental structure.

Women’s Wrestling Activities

The women’s wrestling community, which consists of fans, bloggers, and other promotions, should be actively engaged by AEW. Partnerships, cross-promotion, or even talent exchanges with different organizations can be used to further this involvement.

By collaborating with other promotions, AEW may attract new talent and intriguing matchups, creating hype and anticipation for the women’s division. Additionally, it indicates a dedication to the larger wrestling scene, cultivating goodwill and support for AEW’s initiatives in female wrestling.


AEW can set the standard for women’s wrestling by employing these tactics. The female wrestling division may be elevated by creating compelling narratives, advocating for diversity, offering equal chances, developing local talent, and interacting with the women’s wrestling community.

AEW may inspire a new generation of female wrestlers and fans by continuing to support and prioritize their female talent, which will ultimately help advance the development of women’s wrestling.

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