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Top Strategies for Dominating WWE SmackDown with Roman Reigns

There are few names in professional wrestling as respected as Roman Reigns. Reigns has consistently been at the top of the roster since making his WWE debut, winning championships and creating priceless moments. Fans worldwide have seen him progress from a member of The Shield to the Head of the Table, thanks to his unmatched supremacy on WWE SmackDown. This article will examine the best tactics that have kept Roman Reigns at the top of WWE SmackDown and elevated him there.

Character Evolution and Development

Roman Reigns’ character development and progress have been the primary methods that have enabled him to dominate WWE SmackDown. When he first appeared on the scene, Reigns debuted as a member of The Shield, a group comprising Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Reigns’ character has undergone considerable adjustments over time, which has made it easier for him to establish a deeper connection with the audience.

His progression from a quiet powerhouse to the “Tribal Chief” has been a stroke of genius regarding character growth. As the Anoa’i wrestling dynasty leader and a man who embraces his Samoan background, Reigns has cultivated a self-assured and arrogant demeanor. Fans have been able to emotionally connect with him through the development of his persona, which has enhanced the allure of his reign as Universal Champion.

Heel Turn

Roman Reigns had one of the most memorable heel turns in recent WWE history in August 2020. A formerly heroic character (referred to as a “babyface”) turned into a villain. This change has dramatically aided Reigns’ hegemony over WWE SmackDown in character alignment.

Reigns adopted a more cutthroat and cunning persona due to turning heel. He joined forces with wrestling industry consultant Paul Heyman, further solidifying his transition into a hated adversary. He became one of the most captivating and talked-about characters in WWE due to the move, which generated great heat from the crowd.

Skills in the Ring

Skills in the Ring

Professional wrestling places a premium on character creation and narrative, but in-ring prowess is just as significant. Over the years, Roman Reigns has improved his wrestling skills and expanded as a performer. His SmackDown matches are consistently of the highest caliber, and his ring psychology is unmatched.

Reigns has a broad move repertoire, including powerful strikes, submission holds, and high-impact techniques. He frequently employs creative maneuvers to make his matches exciting and fresh, and his spear finisher has become recognized worldwide. He has maintained his dominance on SmackDown by adapting to various opponents and match styles.


At its foundation, professional wrestling is a storytelling medium. Roman Reigns excels in this area, frequently producing gripping stories in his feuds and promotional material. Reigns knows how to keep viewers engaged in the storyline, whether he’s involved in a conflict with a beloved fan favorite or another villain.

His feud with his cousin Jey Uso, culminating in an intense “I Quit” match at Hell in a Cell 2020, was one of his most famous storylines. This feud’s excellent storytelling showcased Reigns’ talent for evoking emotion and giving his characters depth. It demonstrated his skill as a storyteller and further solidified his reign over SmackDown.

Promotional Skills

In professional wrestling, promo skills the ability to deliver engaging interviews and speeches are crucial. Throughout his career, Roman Reigns has made great strides in this area. He consistently provides unique promos that connect with the audience, and his mic work as the “Tribal Chief” has been excellent.

Reigns exudes confidence, conviction, and dominance in his promotional speeches. His partnership with Paul Heyman has allowed him to focus on what he does best while delivering some of the most memorable and engaging interviews in recent WWE history.


Roman Reigns’ supremacy on WWE SmackDown can be attributed to various elements, such as character growth, a flawless heel turn, outstanding in-ring prowess, storytelling abilities, and potent promo skills. His transformation from a Shield member to the “Tribal Chief” has been a fascinating journey, and he remains a top attraction for WWE.

Reigns has established himself as one of the most dominant and captivating figures in professional wrestling as long as he holds the Universal Championship and hosts SmackDown. Fans are eager to see what the “Head of the Table” does next on the blue brand because his methods for success have set the standard for upcoming WWE Superstars.

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