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Top Ways to Perfect Wrestling Moves for Beginners

Strength, technique, and strategy are needed to succeed in wrestling. Learning the foundational motions is crucial, regardless of your experience level or desire to improve. We’ll look at the top 5 beginner wrestling maneuvers in this article. These methods will assist you in laying a solid foundation and instilling the self-assurance you need to enter the mat and compete successfully.

The One-Leg Overcome

One of the most basic moves in wrestling is the single-leg takedown, which is a fantastic place for beginners to start. Grabbing one of your opponent’s legs, you drive them to the mat to execute a takedown.

Here’s how to carry it out:

  • Take a decent stance, placing your weight on the balls of your feet and bending your knees slightly.
  • Pick a side and take a stride forward with the foot that corresponds to it to get closer to your opponent.
  • Lower your level and drive forward while grabbing your opponent’s lead leg above the knee.
  • Secure the leg, lift your opponent’s leg off the mat with your shoulder, and keep your head up.
  • Secure the takedown by forcing your opponent’s upper body to the mat.

The single-leg takedown is an efficient move that gives you control of the game and points.

The Takedown with Two Legs

Like the single-leg takedown, the double-leg takedown entails pulling down your opponent’s two legs to the mat by seizing both.

It is how you do it:

  • Assume a wrestling posture, putting your weight forward and your knees slightly bent.
  • Charge forward, taking the lead with your lead leg, and close the distance on your adversary.
  • Ensure a firm grip by grabbing both your opponent’s legs above the knees.
  • Push forward, removing the opponent’s legs from the mat.
  • Drive your opponent’s upper body to the mat to complete the takedown.

Double leg takedown is a strong move that can quickly throw your opponent off guard and score points.

wrestler bottom position.

The Upright Evasion

An essential ability for any wrestler is escaping the bottom position. Using the stand-up escape, you can regain your balance and elude your opponent’s hold.

Here’s how to carry it out:

  • Start from the bottom, with your opponent standing beside you.
  • Post one hand on the mat and maintain your weight on your opponent to create a solid base.
  • Push off your posting hand explosively, lifting your hips and stepping away from your opponent.
  • Swing your free leg underneath you and pivot on your posting hand as you stand up.
  • Stand up, face your opponent, and maintain an upright posture with your head and hips.

The stand-up escape is an essential maneuver that can help you recover control and score points by getting out of your opponent’s hands.

The Headlock Up Front

You may control the opponent and set up different attacks with the front headlock. It’s a very flexible technique.

It is how you do it:

  • Lock your elbow beneath your opponent’s chin and use one arm to control their head.
  • Using your free arm, wrap it around the waist of your opponent and grasp their opposing triceps.
  • Pull your opponent’s arm across their torso and drive pressure into their head.
  • To stop your opponent from circling away, use your other hand to control their far hip.
  • You can switch to several attacks from this stance, including a go-behind, cradle, and snapdown.

The front headlock is an essential technique for novices to learn because it may be used as a setup for an attack and a defensive maneuver.

One of the most critical aspects of wrestling is the sprawling defense, an essential defensive motion used to thwart takedown attempts by your opponent. Here’s how to carry it out:

Aim for a Takedown.

But be ready to counter by stepping back and spreading your legs behind you.

  • To stop your opponent from thrusting through and elevating your legs, maintain a low, heavy hip position.
  • To create space while you sprawl, press your opponent’s head toward the mat with your hands.
  • Hold your ground and watch for chances to strike back or take the initiative.

To guard against takedowns and prevent giving up ground to your opponent, you must be able to sprawl.


If you’re new to wrestling, learning these top 5 moves will give you a solid base to grow. Put these approaches into serious practice, on and off the mat, and concentrate on developing your conditioning, strength, and technique. Recall that wrestling is a mental and physical activity, so maintain your resolve, stay focused, and keep improving as a wrestler. You can quickly advance to become a proficient and prosperous wrestler if you are committed to the sport.

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