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Unlocking Victory Top Techniques for Women Wrestlers to Lock Hands Together

Women’s wrestling has experienced a surge in popularity, showcasing the power, talent, and commitment of female athletes in the sport. In the realm of wrestling, mastering the technique of locking hands is a pivotal skill that distinguishes successful competitors. This article aims to delve into the most effective hand-locking tactics for women wrestlers, empowering them to achieve victory on the mat.

Understanding Handlocking’s Importance

The art of locking hands serves as a strategic tool for gaining control and leverage over opponents. This technique finds application in various aspects of wrestling, including takedowns, escapes, and reversals. The mastery of hand locking can be the game-changer that turns the tide of a match and secures victory.

Double-Leg Takedown

The double-leg takedown is a fundamental move where locking hands is customary. Proper hand placement is crucial for executing this maneuver effectively. To achieve optimal control during a double-leg takedown, grasp both legs just above the knees and interlock the fingers securely.

Russian Tie Use

The Russian tie stands out as a potent technique, providing control over an opponent’s arm for aggressive maneuvers. Executing the Russian tie involves gripping your opponent’s wrist and triceps in a two-on-one hold. Stand tall to prepare for a takedown while using your head to control your opponent’s movements.

Front Headlock Mastery

Front Headlock Mastery

The front headlock position offers both offensive and defensive potential for women wrestlers. Maintain a strong grip on your opponent’s head and arm in a front headlock, ensuring that your elbows remain stiff. By dictating your opponent’s movements, you can strategically capitalize on their mistakes and control the pace of the match.

Countering Underhook

Precision in hand positioning is key for countering an underhook effectively. Emphasize wrist control and establish a stable platform, as these elements are often more critical than underhooks. Redirect your opponent’s movements with your hands, creating opportunities for takedowns or escapes.

Overlook Escape

When faced with an overlook from the opponent, proficient hand fighting becomes essential for women wrestlers aiming to escape and regain control. Break your opponent’s grip and create separation using strategic hand-fighting techniques. Once the overlook is broken, focus on controlling your opponent’s wrists or legs to gain a competitive advantage.

Making Hands Stronger and More Flexible

Women wrestlers seeking to excel in handlocking should incorporate hand-strengthening and flexibility workouts into their training regimen. Enhanced hand strength ensures a solid and unwavering grip, while flexibility allows wrestlers to adapt to diverse angles and situations on the mat.


In the realm of women’s wrestling, mastering the art of locking hands is undeniably crucial, often serving as the linchpin for overall performance. By integrating the techniques outlined in this article into their training and matches, female athletes can elevate their game, securing victories through a combination of hard work, strategic hand-fighting, and unwavering determination. The path to success in women’s wrestling is paved with the commitment to honing these skills, ultimately leaving a lasting impact on the sport.

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