Now, current wrestling music themes are usually rock and rap music, as they are considered to the most popular genres of music within the with the wrestling world. Playing loudly in the background (especially during the amateur mud wrestling), music should create the atmosphere of the real sporting event the audience expects to watch and entertain.

Wrestling Music, Wrestling Theme Music

Wrestling Music, Wrestling Theme Music

Throughout, the wrestling tournaments music serves the great number of purposes, and usually it is played as the entrance theme. It is a song or a piece of instrumental tune that sounds when the competitors approach and exit the ring.

Wrestling entrance music themes are the perfect means for preparing the spectators to the wrestlers’ arrival. WWE wrestling music entrance themes require fitting the character of the wrestler. Thus, for example, a piece of Blues music was presented as wrestling entrance music when Jacob and Eli Blu (known as the Blu Brothers) performed during the World Wrestling Federation matches to increase the audience’ anticipation.

Wrestling Entrance Music, Wrestling Music Downloads

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Usually in WWE wrestling a song is edited, and even remixed for both television arena themes and for videos. The vivid example of such event is Christian’s WWE wrestling theme music called “Just Close Your Eyes” that was performed by Waterproof Blonde.

Wrestling Music, Wrestling Theme Music

Wrestling Music, Wrestling Theme Music

By the way, are you familiar with the history of wrestling entrance music? If not, then surf the site straight away, and you will get to know that the appearance of wrestling theme music is not clear, despite the numerous attempts of wrestling experts. But still, there are some opinions that a famous wrestler named Glen Stride was the first one to approach the ring with the music playing in the background.

However, only in the 1980s Hulk Hogan and other Top Wrestlers (Fabulous Freebirds) were accompanied to the ring by rock music. Consequently, exactly this important event brought the vast reputation to the wrestling entrance music themes.

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