WWE Top 10 Most Shocking Returns of 2016-2017 HD
This video present the best,the most shocking and the greatest Returns in 2016-2017
Top 10 Greatest Returns 2016-2017
Top 10 Most Shocking Returns 2016-2017

10.Kurt Angle returns at Raw 2017
9.Goldberg returns to WWE after 12 years at Raw 2016
8.Finn Ballor returns at Raw 2017
7.Erick Rowan returns at Smackdown Live 2016
6.Chris Jericho returns at Smackdown Live 2017
5.Seth Rollins returns and beat Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules 2016
4.The Great Khali returns and helps Jinder Mahal saved WWE Championship at Battleground 2017
3.Braun Strowman returns and destroyed Roman Reigns at Raw 2017
2.Shane McMahon returns at Raw 2016
1.Hardy Boyz returns and won Tag Team Champions at Wrestlemania 33


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